Wednesday, April 25, 2012


            Most people you meet will say,
With love one thousand hours only seems a day,
I say to those people, whom have been blinded by the light,
Love no, is not like day, it is more like blackest night.
To those who live without a care
Because “A life’s not a life without someone to share”
Well I say, nothing in love can ever be fair.
They write stories and songs for the ones they love,
They say to me “all you need is a shove”
For whosoever wanted to be
Living forever in travesty
Must have been crazy
Must have been sick
Must not have had a life of their own for themselves to stick
Instead relying on another
Not their sister, nor their brother,
Someone outside, someone new
Someone who, with their happiness grew.

            “what a fool!” I’D HAVE SAID, “BECAUSE AFTER THE GOOD, COMES SORROW AND DREAD” because love has blinded us all,
there is nothing left to do but fall .
fall down and deep,
into love’s keep
only to be driven insane,
because you know love has you

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines day

It's finally here, the day of celebrating love, and togetherness, Valentines day, the day to tell the one you love that you love them Valentines day.....

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Just sitting here looking at the world
As I watch I am in awe of the beauty that everyone misses
It’s like they don’t even know
Because they move so fast
They don’t get to see the world for what it really is
And grace
Just walk at my pace
And you’ll see
The other side of the world people see to ignore
The world God made for us
Is awesome in fact there is so much more too see
Than the hustle and bustle of  “Real life” which in fact is just an illusion
You don’t see
the world of ours
you think you know it
but you only look to the dark
there is more if you just
stare at the beauty
because there IS more, in fact I didn’t even know it
I do
Just watch.

Friday, December 16, 2011


I've not yet begun to ask why in life i've been harassed by so many people and things. I don't think it's fair or right but that is what's destined to be, my, life. so why are there so many questions to ask why why why why why, I don't understand, i just don't get it I want to leave this life just want to forget it. Let me be with my Lord God let my soul be free, let me leave the ties and binds of reality. I've not yes asked you why, why oh why oh why, I have to suffer and feel pain, happiness i'll never feel again. Who hath wrought this death on me, who hath drove me mad I've seen too much in my short life and that thought makes me sad. why oh why oh why do I, why do I have to be here in this prison this confinement of reality, and insanity.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

As they go on

As they go on,
as the winds blow
my life will go on,
will it stop? no.
I've lived long enough to be immortal,
mentally at least,
Yet it seems so immoral.
like I am some sort of freak, who has no life,
but with all my struggle and all my strife, 
i've not yet reached my peace,
because all of time and space has ceased.
i've not much more that I can say, my life seems to have lasted one day.
I don't care.
If it's not fair,
as long as I
get my share
of life.
as they go on, these people every day.
thinking only of themselves
in a all they live for is today,
they have made their plans, 
but they don't think,
about the things that make us sink,
like the fact that we die every day
little by little
whittling away.
as they go on
those people
living their pointless lives
just let them
let them live
until they 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011



         If you died, I would cry for you.
         If you cried I would die for you.
         If you laughed I would laugh with you.
         If you leapt, I would leap with you.
         If you hurt, I’d console you.
         I put more faith in you than I do in myself.
         I trust you more.
         I love you more.
         You are my heart, my soul and my mind.
         When I drift to sleep you are right beside me, not in body but in spirit, I know because I     feel it.
         Though I adore you, you drove me insane.
         The thoughts in my mind consist of just pain.
         The feeling’s old fashioned, we call it compassion.
         You are the world, the color the light, but try and try and try as I might, I just will never win this fight.
         Like they said before, thousands of times, in many lyrics and many rhymes, your mind doesn’t matter, only your soul, these things I have neither, those words are so old.
         Though I can think does it make me sane? NO!
         Can a broken soul ever remain? NO! It cannot, not even the thought, but remains life healthy and strong forever, so long.

         Colin Edward Hall